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Simple Financial Planning

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Step 1: Set Budgets & Goals

Step 2: Monitor & Manage

Step 3: Review & Adjust

Life is Better with a Plan

We believe financial planning should focus on the future.

Gain Stability

Reduce stress & anxiety by planning ahead for bills and forecasting your financial outlook.

Build Wealth

Stop living paycheck to paycheck and design the lifestyle that you have been dreaming about!

Avoid Disaster

Prevent overdrafts and delinquent bills before they happen while saving for a rainy day.

Simple and Amazing

The most efficient and effective financial planning app available.

Bank Feeds

Safe and secure bank feeds continuously update and monitor your accounts.

A.I. Financial Assistant

Review and approve budgets in minutes (not hours) created from your financial history.

Dynamic Budgeting

No more forcing your finances into monthly buckets, budget on your terms.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Project account balances up to a year in advance and test What-If scenarios.

Account Management

All of your accounts in one place with thresholds to prevent disasters before they happen.

Alerts & Action History

Meaningful alerts containing important information and/or specific action to take.

Why you'll love Certaincents.

  Simple & Easy

We value the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple, Sweetie) so there is no need to learn complex financial principles or methods.

  Safe & Secure

Credentials are never stored on our systems, financial data is stored using bank level security, and user consent is required for access.

  Efficient & Effective

We believe financial planning shouldn't consume all of your time which is why Certaincents was designed to involve you only when necessary.

  Active Development

Our founder began designing what would become certaincents in 2006 and we believe strongly in constant and meaningful improvement.

  Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't 100% satisfied, we'll refund your last month's payment. Customer Service is at the core of our values, we are here to help improve your life.

  Global Access

Money problems don’t just turn up while you’re sitting at home comfortably which is why we’ve built certaincents with worldwide access in mind.